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from by DEEP STATE



Bellies once thick with activity
They start to heave, shrunken down to empty
We are in the street
To run would be a violent relief
Only to delay what wants to be done
To delay the brain's imperative

So on to choosing your cathartic bruising
It's anything but amusing when you're fucking losing
So you pick the guises
You pick the compromises
The ones that keep alive the desperate hallowed hours
You know you've got that power

So fall in, be discrete, be quiet, don't trust
Fall in, be discrete, and most importantly
You'll never trust another human being

The dirty showers, the idle hours
The guilt just towers; dress it up in tatters
Then get that drink
What did you think
That you would tap the brakes and get it all together?
No matter what the weather

The dust the dust in my head
Collects collects collects
And spreads and spreads and spreads
And we all know that sick dread
Running down the highway
Road signs, by-ways
You thought we could get away but the truth is:
Every road runs out
And you will die knowing you were filled with doubt


from NICE, released May 11, 2015



all rights reserved


DEEP STATE Athens, Georgia


taylor chmura
smokey deroeck
michael gonzalez
brandon page


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